Come with us into Battle Mansion....

Brought to you by the same team as Antwerp Mansion is a new concept in live action gaming.

Using the very latest and most advanced laser combat technology in the world Battle Mansion promises you something you have NEVER experienced before!

Don't sit on the sofa and play a video game - get up and jump into a real one...

Battle Mansion is the first venue in the UK to offer a fully immersive gaming experience using the iCombat system in the real world. Developed in America specifically for training the Military and Police it is simply the most realistic system in existence.

You'll be using full scale replica irM4s with full recoil, muzzle flare and sounds. There is nothing like this for realism!

Alongside all that tech Battle Mansion's team has developed a series of games that will challenge both beginners and experienced players to test both their wits and fitness to the limit. Never the same game twice...never the same experience twice...and each week we will be offering our very own disorientation special for those who REALLY want to challenge their skills and senses!!

Linked to the tech is the unique Battle Mansion scoring system and leader board. Every players scores are recorded from each game - just like in a video game - so that you can keep track of your kills and deaths.

If you decide to become a member then the highest scoring players will be entered on a weekly leader board allowing you to see your progress and improvement - and who your competition is!

Each month a special prize will be awarded to that month's champion.

So...come with with us into Battle Mansion! An experience like you've never had before...but you'll want again...and again...and again...